Richard Wilson, our friend and former editor, has died

Richard Wilson, our friend and former editor, has died

I can’t say enough nice things about Richard.

At work, he was incredibly hard-working, wise, effortlessly intelligent and dedicated to keeping Electronics Weekly on an even keel.

Personally private, we saw snatches of his life outside Electronics Weekly:

He was devoted to his family, and I remember him being so proud when his wife earned her PhD, and proud all over again when his son earned his PhD, the latter causing him to point out that he was the only non-doctor left in the household – that said, he did have a degree in physics from Imperial College, and properly knew his way around a laser.

Something of a renaissance man, Richard loved art – seizing opportunities for half an hour in a gallery when they arose and, as far as we know, painted watercolours and wrote poetry.

Reading literature was another favoured pastime, as was watching football – there is a remarkably eclectic list of specialist knowledge in the Electronics Weekly office, and, although I know nothing about either of those two subjects, I could happily bathe in the enthusiasm and the shower of facts that emerged when Richard discussed them with those who do.

Even though he was ill, he made time to pop in to see us a few months ago, and my last memory of him was smiling and chatting with us, all sat around a table at the local cafe.

It is indeed a sad day.

Rest in peace Richard.

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