EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Cadence ups DSP throughput for 5G comms, and automotive radar and lidar

7th March 2019 EDA and IP

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Cadence has extended the pipeline within its ConnX DSP IP family

Arm adds neural networking instructions to Cortex-M

14th February 2019 EDA and IP, Microprocessors

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Arm has added neural network processing instructions to its Cortex-M architecture, aiming at products at the outside edge of IoT networks, such as devices that can recognise a few spoken words without connecting to the cloud – vocal wake commands for example. The ‘M-Profile Vector Extensions’ (MVEs) have been announced under the brand ‘Helium’, and are loosely analogous to Neon ...

Power module firm launches thermal design tool for its products

15th January 2019 EDA and IP, Software

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Power module firm Flex has added thermal simulation to its Power Designer software. “The thermal model in the latest release, Flex Power Designer 3.0, enables designers to simulate thermal behaviours in their power system designs. For example, this makes it possible to calculate hot spot temperature and overall system efficiency,” according to the firm. Designers can specify board properties including ...

A view from the RISC-V Summit

7th December 2018 EDA and IP, FPGA / PLD, News, Software

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

The RISC-V Summit was held in Santa Clara, California, USA this week (3 – 6 December). The industry looked ahead to the potential of the open architecture and was a platform for the providers of core IP and development tools that make up its ecosystem. There were two announcements from IAR Systems in support of establishing a robust ecosystem for ...

Cadence ties with UK design house for 7nm

6th December 2018 Business, EDA and IP

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Moortec is a Plymouth-based intellectual property company, concentrating since 2010 in the specialist world of on-die self-monitoring circuits for customer SoCs – blocks that allow chip manufacturers to keep an eye on process variation, as well as providing feedback for operational dynamic frequency scaling and dynamic voltage scaling, and assessing silicon die aging. Starting with a 40nm temperature monitor in ...

Imagination re-works GPUs for latest Series9 offerings

4th December 2018 Automotive Electronics, EDA and IP, Products

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Imagination Technologies has announced three Series9 PowerVR GPU series

DesignSpark Mechanical gets 3D print slicing in v4 upgraded

13th November 2018 EDA and IP, Software

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

RS has added 3D print slicing as well as a ‘blend’ tool to its free DesignSpark Mechanical CAD package, raising it to Version 4.0. The slicing software – used to prepare files for layer-based 3D printing – is Ultimaker’s popular ‘Cura’, which is open-source. “This feature is the result of collaboration between RS and Ultimaker, one of the biggest 3D printing ...

Image compression technology to save power in the blink of an eye

1st November 2018 EDA and IP, Embedded Systems, Products

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Image compression technology in the PowerVR PVRIC4 IP block enables random access, visually lossless image compression for bandwidth and memory savings for DTVs, smartphones and tablets, says Imagination Technologies. Claimed to halve memory bandwidth and footprint, the IP block targets SoC development for consumer applications to meet the needs of the higher resolution demanded by 4K and 8K displays, as ...

Neural network IP aimed at SoCs processing complex speech

31st October 2018 Digital Integrated Circuits, EDA and IP, Microprocessors, Software

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Cadence has introduced DSP intellectual aimed at neural network-based complex speech recognition on the local PCB, without the need for cloud-based services to do the heavy lifting. Resources are sufficient for far-field voice recognition, where the user is metres away from the microphone. Voice-controlled digital home assistants and automotive infotainment are intended applications. Why process speech on the local PCB? ...

Google acts on EU Commission’s Android antitrust ruling

17th October 2018 EDA and IP, Embedded Systems, News

EDA and IP | Electronics Weekly

Google complies with the recent antitrust ruling against its handling of Android

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