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Sponsored Content: Siglent SDS5000X oscilloscopes tackle challenges of embedded circuit design

25th February 2019 Embedded Systems, Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

Sponsored Content: Siglent Technologies has recently presented their new flagship oscilloscope. It was shown the first time to the audience, end of January 2019, at DesignCon in America.

Telonic Instruments ships Kikusui’s compact SMPS

14th February 2019 News, Power Supplies, Products, Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

Compact switching power supplies designed to reduce power consumption and cost for a range of markets, the PCR-WE/WE2 series by Kikusui are now available from its authorised UK and Southern Ireland distributor, Telonic Instruments. The multi-functional switching AC power supplies range from 1kVA to 36kVA AC/DC output with frequency conversion from Hz to 5kHz. They can simulate power line abnormalities ...

UK scope maker opens software development site in Manchester

12th February 2019 Business, Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

In the hunt for programmers, Pico Technology has opened a software office in Manchester. “Pico is growing faster than we can recruit software engineers at our head office in St Neots, so today sees the opening of an additional software development office in Manchester,” said MD Alan Tong. The firm makes its scopes, which use a host PC for display ...

Tektronix power probe works with 1mV and shuns 60V bias

25th January 2019 Power Supplies, Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

Tektronix is to feature four areas on its stand at Embedded World, which will cover: embedded design, power electronics, automotive and education-and-research. Publically showing for the first time will be 1mV-accurate power rail probes: TPR1000 and TPR4000. Designed specifically for minimising noise, they work with up to 60V of offset. Then there is the firm’s recently announced 6 series of ...

Siglent 2Gsample/s scope offers 350MHz bandwidth

11th December 2018 Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

Siglent is aiming at analogue circuit design and service departments with 2Gsample/s oscilloscopes. Available with a choice of 200 or 350MHz bandwidth, the SDS2000X-E – where the trailing E stands for economy models, said the firm. 28Mpoint of acquisition memory is available as standard, as is an update rate of up 110,000waveform/s. “Low noise front end and vertical sensitivity of ...

UK motor company installs instrument-grade torque sensors

10th December 2018 Sensors, Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

Devon-based Ashwoods Electric Motors has chosen torque sensors from Isle-of-Wight-based Datum for its suite of automated dynamometers, which Ashwoods designed in-house. “The team wanted a relatively small torque sensor that could fit into their existing dynamometers to ensure the electric motor operate at optimal efficiency,” claimed Datum. Chosen was the M425 sensor, which has a wide-enough operation range to remove the need ...

USB 3.0 isolator passes 5Gbit/s while breaking electrical continuity for instrumentation

30th November 2018 Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

Saelig has introduced the Alldaq ADQ-USB 3.0-ISO series of USB 3.0 isolators, which support the full USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data rate of 5Gbit/s, while breaking the electrical connection between host PC and peripheral. Applications are expected in industrial and automotive instrumentation, and blocking mains pick-up in professional sound. “Re-clocking design guarantees a stable USB connection at all speeds,” claimed Saelig. ...

Electronica: More on Rigol’s 350MHz scope

15th November 2018 Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

Rigol revealed details of its MSO5000 series oscilloscopes at Electronica in Munich. Bandwidth options range across 70 to 350MHz with two or four channels, sampling is at 8Gsample/s, and maximum capture 500,000waveform/s, with up to 200Msample record length. The display is 9in colour and touch-enabled. The instruments use the firm’s UltraVision II, centred on its Phoenix chip-set where two custom ASICs ...

Electronica: Rigol announces signal generators, and talks scopes

7th November 2018 Electronica, Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

At Electronica, test gear maker Rigol will be showing a pair of new multi-function signal geenrators and a high-performance scope. Intended to be ‘low-cost’ DG800 and DG900 are the multi-functional generators – combing: function generator, arbitrary signal generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, modulator (analog/digital) and counter. In addition using direct digital synthesis to provide stable, precise, and minimally distorted signals, ...

Pico adds calibration standards for vector network analysers

25th October 2018 Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement | Electronics Weekly

UK test equipment maker Pico Technology has introduced validation standards for vector network analysers, that can be “optionally be used to validate the accuracy of a network analysis test setup and its calibration before, during or after a sequence of measurements is made”, said the firm. TA430 (insertable M-F) and TA431 (non-insertable F-F) – pictured in foreground – present a ...

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