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Power supply accelerates factory conveyor systems

12th March 2019 Power, Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

Delivering peak power to motor start or/and high capacitive loads in factory automation applications, the three-phase ENI250A series delivers a constant 250W and up to 480W peak power with an efficiency up to 94%. The power supply, by Powerbox, is housed in an IP54 case and measure 250mm x 160mm x 55mm. It includes a microcontroller to adjust protection behaviour ...

APEC: TI’s 100V 1A dc-dc buck

11th March 2019 Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

At the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) next week, TI will demonstrate a 6-100V buck converter capable of delivering 1A, with low waste – 10.5µA no-load input quiescent current (25 to 12V at 1mA) and 3µA shut-down quiescent current. Called LM5164, the constant-on-time synchronous step-down regulator has integrated high and low-side n-channel power mosfets (725mΩ buck switch, 340mΩ synchronous rectifier – no need for a Schottky). ...

150W ac-dc supply for digital signage

11th March 2019 Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

Ideal Power, of Barnstaple, is stocking a range of 150W* AC/DC power supplies for signage from Taiwanese manufacturer P-Duke. “Digital signage applications are continuously working at full capacity most of the time,” according to Ideal, adding that: “in digital signage applications, the power supply is often placed in an enclosed space without good ventilation or a fan,” and going on ...

1in square dc-dc delivers 12W for rolling stock, and forklifts

11th March 2019 Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Power, Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

Recom is aiming at rail rolling stock with a 25 x 25mm (actually 1 x 1inch) dc-dc converter that can deliver 12W. Called RP12-AR, the modules operate at up to 90% efficiency and up to +88°C ambient at full load – so no derating, and neither forced cooling nor additional heatsinks are required when operating at full load. Minimum operating ...

GaN for consumer product power supplies

6th March 2019 Business, Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

GaN Systems has launched the GS-065 low current (3.5A to 11A) transistor line.

Embedded World: Trinamic chooses Risc-V for intelligent motor driver chip

28th February 2019 Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

German chip firm Trinamic has chosen Risc-V over Arm for the processor inside its latest generation of motor drivers – it specialises in drivers with advanced features, aimed at high-performance positioning systems like servos and those in computer controlled machines. Dubbed Rocinante (named from both Don Quixote and The Expanse, according to the firm), it is claimed to be the ...

Variable drives for industrial automation

22nd February 2019 Industrial Electronics, Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

RS Components has introduced a range of industrial frequency converters for automation applications. Made by Rexroth, EFC 5610 is a range of intelligent variable-frequency drives, for use up to 7.5kW in the variants stocked by RS. They It offers vector control and a torque curve with high starting torque. Features include expansion options via I/O and fieldbus modules, a control ...

Hi-rel 40W dc-dc has 1in footprint and 10 year warranty

19th February 2019 Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

Cosel has announced a high reliability 40W dc-dc converter,with a 10 year warranty. Called MGF40, it comes in an industry standard 1 x 1inch (~25 x 25mm) six-sided-shielded metallic case and is said to have a failure rate of below 30ppm. “To guarantee lifetime quality, the MGF40 does not include aluminium or tantalum capacitors,” said the firm. “All components are ...

Dual 100V mosfet is AEC-Q101 qualified

19th February 2019 Automotive Electronics, Discretes, Power Supplies

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

Toshiba has released a dual n-channel mosfet with high ESD protection, intended for automotive applications including driving headlight LEDs. Made on the firm’s U-MOSⅧ-H process and AEC-Q101 qualified, it is called SSM6N813R. Each transistor in the package has a maximum current of 3.5A (subject to junction temperature) and maximum drain-source voltage of 100V – a voltage rating that suites them ...

Telonic Instruments ships Kikusui’s compact SMPS

14th February 2019 News, Power Supplies, Products, Test & Measurement

Power Supplies | Electronics Weekly

Compact switching power supplies designed to reduce power consumption and cost for a range of markets, the PCR-WE/WE2 series by Kikusui are now available from its authorised UK and Southern Ireland distributor, Telonic Instruments. The multi-functional switching AC power supplies range from 1kVA to 36kVA AC/DC output with frequency conversion from Hz to 5kHz. They can simulate power line abnormalities ...

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