Anglia assembles independent consultants for design programme

Anglia assembles independent consultants for design programme

The distributor identified that while many customers have design capabilities in-house, they may need more specific expertise in areas such as RF & Microwave, software, analogue or power, for example.  “We’ve been working on the Anglia Design Partner Programme for the last nine months with the aim of finding the best independent design consultants in the UK that we can confidently recommend to our customers to work seamlessly with their design team on their projects,” said Rawlins.  “It’s a real win-win for both our customers and the chosen independent design consultants.”

Anglia already has trained field application engineers (FAEs) to offer technical support, product selection and design guidance, but describes the Design Partner Programme as taking this support to an even deeper level. Independent design consultants can actively engage with design teams to plug any gaps in knowledge and provide additional expertise on a project. They can also be commissioned to run the entire design project on behalf of the customer.  Anglia does the due diligence for their customers to reduce difficulties in finding reliable, external design consultants that meet a specific criteria.

The distributor’s website now has a dedicated section with an overview of the Design Partner Programme and information on the design disciplines the consultants are able to support. Customers can contact Anglia directly via the site to be put in touch with an appropriate consultant. Independent design consultants can join the programme by applying for evaluation.

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