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Gateways and single board computers for IoT

12th March 2019 Industrial Electronics, Internet of Things, RF & Microwave, Single Board Computers

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

SolidRun has teamed up with wireless module firm U-blox to create gateways and single board computers for IoT. They include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth personal area networking, Wirepas Mesh, cellular connectivity, as well as USB and a 10/100/1000 wired Ethernet. Processing comes from an NXP i.MX6 Arm Cortex-A9 processor, with either single, dual or quad-cores, working with up to 2Gbyte of ...

IoT radar beam is set by bending its flexible PCB, and more Fraunhofer gems from Embedded World

8th March 2019 Automotive Electronics, Design, Internet of Things, RF & Microwave

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

Fraunhofer IZM develops a PCB-based IoT radar that can be bent into shape to customise its beam.

Dev board connects 16bit PIC applications to Google Cloud, with security

4th March 2019 Internet of Things, Microprocessors

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

Microchip's development board combines a PIC microcontroller, a secure element IC and certified Wi-Fi network controller

Whitepaper: Heightening the Security of IoT Networks

27th February 2019 Industry Comment, Internet of Things

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

Interested in the security of IoT networks? There's a whitepaper from Mouser, now available on the site, which addresses this topic.

Embedded World: Video Interview – SensiEDGE on lowering Barriers for IoT

26th February 2019 Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, News, Video

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

At Embedded World 2019, we caught up with Milan Yudkovich, founder of IoT specialist SensiEDGE, as part of our promotional coverage for the event. He discusses how the company’s devices make it easier and faster for developers and startups to design their IoT applications. Thank you to Milan for his time. Read all our Embedded World 2019 coverage » Video: ...

Embedded World: Arm introduces fourth security element to PSA

25th February 2019 Internet of Things, Microprocessors, News, Testing

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

In October 2017, Arm introduced Platform Security Architecture (PSA), a set of hardware, firmware specifications, analysis models an open source firmware reference implementation for a scalable, secure IoT framework. The three initial pillars of analysis (threat and security analysis), architecture specifications for firmware and hardware and an open source implementation, are now joined by a fourth element, PSA Certified for ...

Smart buildings can be a leading light in the IoT

14th February 2019 Interior lighting, Internet of Things, LED Design, LED Lighting, News

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

Lights are the most prevalent electrical components in any commercial building, and that makes them the most logical devices for smart building sensors, according to Russ Sharer, vice president of global marketing and business development at Fulham. “In new construction you can plan to use standalone smart building control sensors, but only 8% of commercial space is new construction. However, ...

How to secure the IoT

30th January 2019 Internet of Things, News

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

IoT products and services that have no effective security create business risks which need to be addressed now, warns Justin Lowe. The IoT is proliferating, with around 66% of organisations currently using IoT and an install base of around 17 billion devices. Analyst company Gartner believes spending is due to increase from an estimated $1.5bn in 2018 to over $3bn ...

One chip adds security to IoT end nodes

29th January 2019 Digital Integrated Circuits, Internet of Things

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

Maxim is claiming simple route to protecting sensitive data in IoT end-nodes with a pair of security supervisor chips. Called MAX36010 and MAX36011, “these make it easier for designers to implement robust tamper detection, cryptography and secure storage while safeguarding sensitive information via logical and physical protections, without having to be security experts themselves – that can be integrated into a ...

Imec on Future Cities

25th January 2019 Business, Internet of Things, Research

Internet of Things | Electronics Weekly

This is the third in a series of essays by Imec on the future of electronics technology. It is called: Future Cities. It is by Jan Adriaenssens, Director City of Things at Imec. It’s all about letterboxes, fashion designers and scooters: the city of the future where you’ll definitely want to live. Living in the city? Very enjoyable, because everything ...

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