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Airbus and ESA hope space will encourage young engineers

5th October 2018 Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

Airbus has teamed up with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Autodesk in an educational initiative which taps into the excitement of space exploration. The Airbus Foundation, ESA and Autodesk have launched an educational online competition called Moon Camp, aimed at fostering interest amongst school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The “Moon camp” competition will ask school ...

Former HP UK CEO widens EngineeringUK appeal

28th August 2018 Business, Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

Former CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services UK, Jacqui Ferguson has taken a role at EngineeringUK as a trustee.  EngineeringUK has plans to broaden its industry and business support activities across a wider range of technology sectors. Ferguson’s appointment will bring new expertise to the organisation. Prior to Hewlett Packard she worked for Electronic Data Systems and KPMG. EngineeringUK chairman ...

Woman engineer debunks myths about working in industry

14th June 2018 Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

The theme for International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2018, which takes place on 23 June, is to raise the bar for women in engineering.  It sees a need to heighten expectations for female engineers, there are still a plenty of myths and misconceptions to quash about working in the industry.  So Emma Cygan, design and development engineer at steering ...

Siemens creates big data skills lab at Newcastle University

18th May 2018 Legislation & Skills, News, University Electronics

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

Boosting the digital skills of UK students is the remit of an on-going collaboration between Siemens and Newcastle University. The University this week saw the opening of the MindSphere Lab which will provide students with access to data from a number of projects across sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing, water and energy. Professor John Fitzgerald, Head of Newcastle University’s School of ...

Harwin appoints specialist in socially responsible supply chain

21st March 2018 Legislation & Skills, Manufacturing, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

With the growing importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the sourcing of raw materials, connector and shielding manufacturer Harwin has appointed Ottawa-based regulatory software and services firm Assent Compliance. Assent will be involved in carrying out any required investigations across Harwin’s global network of suppliers with regard to RoHS and REACH environmental directives, as well as issues concerning conflict ...

Tech sector takes a lead in tackling modern slavery

9th February 2018 Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

TechUK moves to further drive out modern slavery from tech supply chains. A  report on modern slavery reporting standards in the tech sector from techUK makes recommendations for both businesses and Government to help improve the quality of reporting. The 2015 Modern Slavery Act is one of the world’s first national laws for combatting modern slavery. The tech sector is ...

Government signs Charter to boost gender diversity in tech jobs

30th January 2018 Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

The Government is promoting gender diversity in the tech sector and will sign up to the Tech Talent Charter, an initiative tackling the gender imbalance in the tech workforce. The Tech Talent Charter covers all organisations employing people in technology roles and commits signatories to including women on interview shortlists wherever possible and collecting and submitting anonymised data for an ...

Tech job numbers rise, Java & AI skills in demand

29th January 2018 Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

The number of jobs advertised in the UK technology sector grew by 12%  last year, one of the fastest rates across UK industries, according to new data from Reed Technology. The agency’s survey also found that advertised salaries in the sector grew by 1.6%  in the last year alone with advertised salaries for some roles increasing as much as 9% ...

UK gets tough on data protection laws

24th January 2018 Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

Digital and Culture Secretary Matt Hancock has told businesses to prepare for stronger data protection laws. Speaking from Davos, where he has been reaffirming the UK’s commitment to AI, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Matt Hancock said the government was strengthening the UK’s data protection laws to give people more control over their own data. However, ...

Industrial strategy aims to be more inclusive to focus on skills and AI, says RAE

29th November 2017 Legislation & Skills, News

Legislation & Skills | Electronics Weekly

The Royal Academy of Engineering has welcomed the government’s industrial strategy white paper, Building a Britain fit for the future, because it takes inclusive approach to address the need for digital skills and focuses on the technologies for artificial intelligence and big data. Professor Dame Ann Dowling, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering, writes: “Now is the time to ramp ...

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