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Washable wearable safety lighting

7th March 2019 Led Luminaries

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Osram has got into wearable electronics, with red and white illuminated wires that slip into outdoor wear to make users more visible on the road. The light module has a driver with a micro controller and four leds: two white for the garment front and two red for the rear. “We couple the light of the leds into optical fibres in ...

Smart buildings can be a leading light in the IoT

14th February 2019 Interior lighting, Internet of Things, LED Design, LED Lighting, News

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Lights are the most prevalent electrical components in any commercial building, and that makes them the most logical devices for smart building sensors, according to Russ Sharer, vice president of global marketing and business development at Fulham. “In new construction you can plan to use standalone smart building control sensors, but only 8% of commercial space is new construction. However, ...

Plessey adds leaf-level lighting for horticulture

5th February 2019 Led Luminaries

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Devon-based Plessey has launched another Hyperion-branded horticultural product line – this time a luminaire to spread light at leaf level – to complement its horticultural down-lighter. “Placing lighting within the canopy of high wire plants is an energy efficient way to increase light levels and yields in greenhouses that already have supplementary top lighting,” said the firm’s director of grow ...

Ring pendant from Candelec

28th January 2019 Led Luminaries

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

For pendant or wall use, Hong Kong-based Candelec has announced Ring300 and Ring400 – 300 and 400mm in diameter respectively. Both have 100-240Vac inputs, consuming 25 or 35W respectively and emitting 1,750 and 2,835 lm in warm white form. They also come in cool white, with an increase in lumens. Colour rendering index is >80, and they are rated across ...

Luminair has Bluetooth-controlled variable beam-shape, direction, and…, and…

21st January 2019 Led Luminaries

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Over Bluetooth, this luminair’s beam can be adjusted from <10° to 50°, flowing fluidly through all the all points in between, according to manufacturer Formalighting. Development was with beam shaping specialist LensVector and wireless firm Casambi. Direction (pan and tilt), intensity and colour temperature are also adjustable, in what is to be called Moto-Ola Track. LensVector’s ‘dynamic beam shaping’ technology ...

Lumileds aims at horticulture, and bins to PPF

28th November 2018 Led Luminaries

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Lumileds has introduced a line of leds for plant growth rate and crop yield  for plants and vegetable. Called Luxeon SunPlus 2835, “growers can choose a specific colour point using Purple or Horticulture White leds, or design a spectrum using the Deep Red, Far Red, Lime and Royal Blue emitters”, according to the firm, which claims: Horticulture White provides a ...

Osram illuminates St Peters in Rome

30th October 2018 Led Luminaries

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Osram leds are to provide light throughout Saint Peter’s basilica in Rome, aiming to save 85% of power consumption. Said to be the largest church in the world, it is enormous – holding a congregation of 20,000, it is around 190m long, the three naves each 58m wide, the central nave 45.5m at its highest point, and the cupola about ...

Lumileds 2835 hits 200 lm/W – at 65mA

26th October 2018 Led Luminaries

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Luxeon 2835 HE is a 200 lm/W led from Lumileds, which is it is aiming at luminair manufacturers wishing to reduce LED count such as troffers, high bay and low bay fixtures. It is available in 2-step MacAdam ellipse colour consistency versions “The LED’s tight colour point distinguishes it from other mid power devices in its class,” said Lumileds product ...

Osram claims automotive-grade reliability for 3A/mm² led

27th September 2018 Led Luminaries

Aiming at projection headlamps, Osram Opto has built an led that can handle 3A/mm2 through its 2mm2 chip, emitting at least 1,400 lm at 6A. All this is to get high luminance – light output per area – which is the key to compact projection systems, and the reason we are hearing about laser headlights. The firm is claiming >200cd/mm2 for this ...

Broadband infra-red LED for food spectroscopy by phone

11th September 2018 Led Luminaries, Medical Electronics

Led Luminaries | Electronics Weekly

Osram has introduced SFH 4776, a boadband infra-red in the firm’s 2.75 x 2.0 x 0.6mm high Synios package. The technology inside is a blue-emitting GaN die and phosphor converter, specially developed for spectroscopy, that converts the blue light into radiation across 650 to 1,050nm. “By making improvements to the phosphor material, developers at Osram Opto Semiconductors have succeeded in increasing the intensity ...

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