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12th March 2019 General

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

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Gadget Book: Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi

11th March 2019 Raspberry Pi

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

We must highlight this great new book - Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi, by Matt Timmons-Brown, aka The Raspberry Pi Guy on YouTube.

Raspberry Pi survives Google’s cut for Android Things and the IoT

5th March 2019 Boards, Raspberry Pi Development

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

Android Things is basically Google's handle on the IoT, and I've been trying to keep up with the developments in the last few years.

A bluffer’s guide to quantum computing

5th March 2019 General

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

Okay, I admit it - I don't understand how quantum computing works. Or I didn't until I read this interesting 'Ask a Techspert' article.

Hail the Rosalind Franklin ExoMars rover

28th February 2019 Space

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

We said goodbye to 'Opportunity' recently and we should also say hello to 'Rosalind Franklin'. This is the name for the ExoMars rover, which was chosen earlier this month

Gadget Watch: Samsung Galaxy Fold heralds arrival of foldable phone

21st February 2019 Gadget Watch

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

Ahead of Mobile World Congress 2019, it's finally been announced. Here comes Samsung's foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold.

Competition: Win a 4Kopen single board computer based on the STiH418 chipset

21st February 2019 Competitions

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

The latest competition on Electronics Weekly, giving you a chance to get your hands on a high-performance multimedia 4Kopen single board computer based on the STiH418 chipset.

Arduino IoT Cloud hoves into view

19th February 2019 Arduino

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

Here comes the Arduino IoT Cloud floating into sight. If you want people to use an Arduino to develop IoT applications, it does make sense to simplify access to cloud communications

Farewell Opportunity rover!

14th February 2019 Space

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

"Thanks Oppy, for being the little rover that could!" This tweeted message from NASA marks the end of operation for a rather special space rover, Opportunity.

DevBoard Watch: ON Semi RSL10 Sensor Development Kit

14th February 2019 Sensors

Gadget Master | Electronics Weekly

ON Semiconductor has introduced its RSL10 Sensor Development Kit, aimed at developing IoT applications with  smart sensor technology, via Bluetooth.

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