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Smart buildings can be a leading light in the IoT

14th February 2019 Interior lighting, Internet of Things, LED Design, LED Lighting, News

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Lights are the most prevalent electrical components in any commercial building, and that makes them the most logical devices for smart building sensors, according to Russ Sharer, vice president of global marketing and business development at Fulham. “In new construction you can plan to use standalone smart building control sensors, but only 8% of commercial space is new construction. However, ...

Mid-power UV LED for disinfection and sterilisation

8th February 2019 LED Lighting

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Vishay has announced an AlGaN mid-power ultra-violet LED for water purification, air purification, surface sterilisation, medical disinfection, and portable sanitisers. Called VLMU35CM00-280-120, it comes in a 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.2mm surface-ceramic mount package with a quartz window. Because of this construction, the firm is claiming “extremely long lifetime” – however, nowhere in the data sheet nor the product page can I find any ...

Green laser for smartphone RGB projectors

31st January 2019 LED Lighting

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Osram has released a green laser for phone-based projectors, capable of delivering 140mW pulses. Although a projector also needs red and blue lasers, green is the colour that poses the greatest challenges in semiconductor laser and LED production. “Up to now, RGB laser projections for smartphones, based on a red, green and blue laser, often had brightness problems,” according to ...

Osram’s second-generation headlight lasers

29th January 2019 Automotive Electronics, LED Lighting

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Osram has released the second generation of blue multi-mode laser diodes for car headlights, doubling range in auxiliary high beams compared to with its previous lasers, to 600m, it claims. What lasers offer over LEDs as a light source is higher light output per unit area (luminance) – which then allows a slimmer smaller optical chain for a given final ...

LED for crop scanning

12th December 2018 LED Lighting

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Osram is aiming at farmers, horticulturists and viticulturists with a broad-band near-infra-red LED for in-field reflection spectroscopy. “One of the most important decisions that farmers and vineyard owners have to make involves getting the timing right for the harvest,” it said. “Simply scanning fruit or cereal crops with the near-infra-red LED installed in a smartphone or tablet produces reliable information ...

2Mbit/s (NRZ) opto-coupler with Schmitt trigger

6th December 2018 Analogue / Linear / Mixed Signal ICs, LED Lighting, Power Supplies

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Vishay has introduced a series of 1Mbaud (2MHz NRZ) optocouplers with built-in Schmitt trigger and open collector output. Called the VOH1016A series, the typical input current for output turn-on is 650μA (2mA max required) with guaranteed on-off threshold hysteresis – I(off)/I(on) is between 0.5 and 0.95, typically 0.9 (Vcc 5V, 280Ω load). Output stage supply voltage range is 3-15V (at 550μA ...

Electronica: Osram reveals vehicle interior lighting, and more

9th November 2018 Automotive Electronics, Electronica, LED Lighting

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Automotive product announcements appear to be dominating the Electronica build-up, and Osram is no exception as it will be revealing details of its intelligent RGB LED for vehicle interior lighting. Read our full Electronica 2018 coverage » Part of the Osire product family, E4633i, includes three LED die – red, green and blue – as well as a serial control ...

12-switch matrix manager

10th October 2018 Automotive Electronics, LED Lighting

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Maxim’s 12-switch matrix manager minimises thermal issues associated with LED matrix lighting applications by offering a 70 mOhm RDS_ON. The MAX20092 provides flexible current management for matrix and pixel lighting driving LED currents up to 1.5A. Twelve integrated switches control LEDs in string voltages up to 56V, saving design time and reducing complexity. The chip comes in a 5mm x ...

Automotive power LED for projector headlamps hits 200cd/mm²

27th September 2018 LED Lighting

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Osram has introduced a high luminance LED for projection headlamps using DMDs – digital mirror devices – to change headlight beam shape – and more, according to Osram. “Each headlight achieves a resolution of more than one million pixels, offering car drivers not only classic illumination but also optional support from information projected onto the road,” it said. “For example, ...

AEC-Q101 automotive grade optocoupler

6th September 2018 Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, LED Lighting, Power Supplies

LED Lighting | Electronics Weekly

Vishay has introduced its first automotive-grade AEC-Q101 qualified, phototransistor optocoupler. Called VOMA617A, it operates at 5mA and has a current transfer ratio between 50% and 600% – which can be specified, within bands, when ordering. Operating temperature is across -55 to +110°C. Maximum collector-emitter potential is 80V, and 3,750Vrms isolation between input and output circuits is provided, along with ≥5mm creepage ...

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