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Gateways and single board computers for IoT

12th March 2019 Industrial Electronics, Internet of Things, RF & Microwave, Single Board Computers

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

SolidRun has teamed up with wireless module firm U-blox to create gateways and single board computers for IoT. They include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth personal area networking, Wirepas Mesh, cellular connectivity, as well as USB and a 10/100/1000 wired Ethernet. Processing comes from an NXP i.MX6 Arm Cortex-A9 processor, with either single, dual or quad-cores, working with up to 2Gbyte of ...

IoT radar beam is set by bending its flexible PCB, and more Fraunhofer gems from Embedded World

8th March 2019 Automotive Electronics, Design, Internet of Things, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

Fraunhofer IZM develops a PCB-based IoT radar that can be bent into shape to customise its beam.

Transceivers integrate four ADCs and four DACs

5th March 2019 Business, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

TI has introduced two new RF-sampling transceivers which, it claims, are the first in the industry to integrate four ADCs and four DACs in a single chip. With, according to TI, the industry’s widest frequency range, highest instantaneous bandwidth and a 75% smaller design footprint than a discrete solution, the quad-channel AFE7444 and dual-channel AFE742 transceivers help engineers more easily ...

Embedded World: Bluetooth chip gets Arm Cortex-M33 to run applications and algorithms

28th February 2019 RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

Dialog Semiconductor has included an Arm Cortex-M33 application and algorithm processor in a Bluetooth 5.1 wireless microcontroller, to create a family called DA1469x. “The product family is the first wireless microcontroller in production with a dedicated application processor based on the ARM Cortex-M33 processor,” said Dialog. “The M33 offers developers greater processing power for more intensive applications, such as high-end ...

Embedded World: TI on-chip oscillator vies with crystals for RF comms

28th February 2019 Business, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

TI has announced bulk acoustic wave (BAW)-based embedded processing and analogue chips for connectivity and communications infrastructure. The first two devices developed with TI BAW technology are the SimpleLinkTM CC2652RB wireless microcontroller (MCU) and the LMK05318 network synchronizer clock. The resonator, built from piezoelectric material within the metallisation layers, is temperature-compensated and said to achieve better-than-some-crystals performance over temperature, vibration ...

Embedded World: Insight SiP adds LoRa

26th February 2019 Business, Embedded Systems, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

Insight SiP, the specialist in ultra-miniature RF modules, is launching the ISP4520 series of modules,

Meta surfaces steer RF, light or sound arbitrarily

18th February 2019 Research, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

Meta surfaces can be designed to steer sound or electromagnetic waves in arbitrary directions

PragmatIC launches FlexICs

7th February 2019 Business, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

PragmatIC, the Cambridge flexible circuit specialist, has announced the first products in its ConnectIC family, the PR1101 and PR1102 flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs), designed for use in closed HF RFID systems. ConnectICs are ultra-thin and flexible and suitable for embedding into a wide range of substrates, including paper and plastic. They have a typical price point of under one cent ...

Automotive wireless phone charging reference design

28th January 2019 Automotive Electronics, Power Supplies, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

Rohm has created a reference design for an automotive-grade wireless phone charger with NFC communication, using the Qi standard and supporting EPP (extend power profile) – supplying up to 15W. It combines Rohm’s automotive-grade wireless power transmission control IC (AEC-Q100 qualified BD57121MUF-M) with two STMicroelectronics’ chips, and NFC reader (ST25R3914) and an 8bit microcontroller (STM8A). NFC communication is included for ...

ISM 868/915MHz IIoT antenna works on metal surfaces

25th January 2019 Industrial Electronics, RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave | Electronics Weekly

UK-based antenna maker has created an product for wireless lighting that can be used on metal surfaces. Named Magna (part SR4I051) and aimed at industrial IoT and smart buildings, it operates in the ISM 868/915MHz bands. It uses two electrical layers, one isolated from the other, which enables an antenna to radiate on a metal surface or housing  – an ...

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