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Can model predictive control be bought to low-cost MPUs and DSPs

18th September 2018 Automotive Electronics, Design, Information Technology

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

French lab Leti will attempt to bring model predictive control (MPC) algorithms to microcontrollers and low-cost DSPs, teaming up with automotive parts firm EFI Automotive. According to Leti this will allow equipment to perform better than is possible with standard control techniques like PID (proportional integral derivative) feedback. However, MPC requires complex computing – solving optimisation problems under constraints. “The ...

Data tech is key to electric vehicle rollout, says techUK

11th September 2018 Information Technology, News

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

techUK has welcomed the government’s electric vehicle initiative

Quantum computer does something

23rd August 2018 Information Technology, Microprocessors, Research

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

Canadian firm D-Wave Systems has calculated its way through a ‘topological phase transition’ using its 2,048-qubit ‘annealing quantum computer’. Several huge organisations have bought D-Wave computers – including Google and NASA (Lockheed-Martin even up-graded its D-Wave system) – but, in a world where folk are having trouble quantum-coupling a handful of qubits, there remain questions over whether D-Wave’s are ‘proper’ ...

Japan recognises its oldest commercial computer

21st August 2018 Information Technology, News

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

One of the world’s first commercial computers has been registered as technology with essential historical significance by Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science. Manufactured by Fujitsu in 1959, the FACOM128 was the first relay-type commercial computer made in Japan, and was instrumental in the development of Japan’s computer industry. The original computer featured the then advanced capabilities of a ...

The Five Laws of Robotics – House of Lords looks at the future of AI

16th April 2018 Career Advice, Information Technology, Market Research

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

Five ethical principles at the heart of artificial intelligence development and use will be the best way for the UK to benefit from AI, concludes a report by the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence. According to the report, ‘AI in the UK: Ready, Willing and Able?’, done ethically, the UK is in a strong position to be a world ...

IoT Security Foundation launches professional membership

5th April 2018 Information Technology, Internet of Things, News

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

The IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) creates a professional membership category for developers and IT staff

Tesco names former Airbus exec as CTO

16th March 2018 Information Technology, News

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

Tesco has appointed Guus Dekkers as chief technology officer. Dekkers joins the supermarket giant from Airbus and he succeeds Edmond Mesrobian who is retiring. The role of CTO at Tesco has developed greatly as the supermarket firm translates rapidly evolving technological and digital capabilities into its retail operations. Dave Lewis, Tesco Group CEO, writes: “Guus brings extremely strong expertise in ...

Government allocates new money for gigabit fibre broadband

15th March 2018 Information Technology, News

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

The Chancellor’s Spring Statement has allocated the first wave of funding for improving broadband optical fibre communications across the country. Around £95m will come out of the Government’s £190m Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) budget for 13 areas across the UK. This represents the government’s attempt to address the disappointing level of access to gigabit-capable data communications across the country. ...

EU digital single market exit would be a big mistake, says head of web firm

7th March 2018 Information Technology, News

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

Theresa May’s decision to take the UK out of the EU’s Digital Single Market (DSM) has sent a shockwave through the country’s digital community. The fear is that the technology sector will faces a prolonged period of commerial and trading uncertainty. The head of one the UK’s larger internet hosting firms UKFast believes leaving the DSM is unnecessary and creates ...

Airbus maintains Beijing’s public safety Tetra network

20th February 2018 Business, Information Technology, News

Information Technology | Electronics Weekly

Airbus has signed a three-year contract to maintain the operations of Beijing’s public safety Tetra network. The contract with Chinese operator Justtop until 2020 covers on-site support, maintenance services and a 24/7 emergency support with trouble shooting competences. The Beijing Government shared network serves various government authorities, including the municipal government, the emergency response office, armed police, traffic police, fire ...

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