HiSilicon closing on Qualcomm

The immediate win targeted by HiSilicon is in 5G modem design and its next target is to get an advantage in process by being first to  have chips made on the EUV version of TSMC’s 7nm process.

“Our 5G modem can download at double of the speed of our competitor,” says HiSilicon’s Richard Yu, “it’s not the modem on a PowerPoint presentation. It’s the modem available now. We built the world’s fastest 5G modem.”

HiSilicon’s revenue is just under $8 billion while Qualcomm’s is over $20 billion, but Qualcomm’s has been flatlining while HiSilicon’s has tripled in four years.

HiSilicon closing on Qualcomm

HiSilicon’s revenue was $200 million in 2007, $2.4 billion in  2014 and $7.6 billion in 2018 and expects to continue growing at this pace.

HiSilicon closing on Qualcomm

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